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Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Cloud Migration Won T Happen Overnight

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Cloud Migration Won t Happen Overnight


Joseph Mathew

There is an enormous difference between migrating some code to the cloud and migrating an entire application to the cloud. Yes, the heart of any application is indeed it s codebase, but your code is useless without your data, and accessing that data is the biggest challenge for cloud migration. Moving your data to the cloud might sound like a solution, but most storage devices in the cloud tend to run on cheap disks which are virtualized and shared across several tenants. Storing data has become cheaper than ever, but you get what you pay for these databases can be slow, and they can drag down your cloud application s performance. Your code may be running faster with the elastic computing power of the cloud, but it can only run as fast as the data that it retrieves and processes.

It s no secret that the key to Java performance tuning is usually optimizing data access and management. Many enterprise companies tend to see their databases running at 80% CPU utilization while their web and app servers are running at only 30%. This inequality holds true in the cloud, where databases are often shared by multiple cloud customers. Even though storing your data may be cheaper, it doesn t necessarily make your application more efficient, a fact that your application monitoring tools will immediately make apparent.

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Some cloud application services providers will claim that all you need is an IaaS or PaaS provider to successfully move your existing applications to the cloud. The truth is that many applications that run successfully in the cloud today were either developed from the ground up or completely re-architected for the cloud to allow the application to be elastic with its data. Using technology like NoSQL, these applications are able to scale horizontally as needed. The PaaS companies you see today that offer to deploy your application to the cloud will not provide this re-architect your application for you to give you this benefit they will simply take your code, provide you with a management interface, and put your app on a few EC2 instances. The only thing that runs in the cloud is your code good luck with your data.

The exception to this rule may be Microsoft s Windows Azure platform, which will host both your code and your data. They are the first vendor that is focused on the entire application rather than simply its infrastructure. Other PaaS vendors must follow their example if the public cloud is truly going to catch on otherwise, the performance hit (and the work and cost of re-architecting your app) will be too much for most businesses to handle.

Today it s easy to provision IT resources to the cloud. The hard part is getting your application code to work in the cloud without investing significant time, effort, and cost. Until PaaS providers allow you to store your data in a scalable way, this isn t going to change.

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, sometimes in the physical data center and always causing headaches for ops and dev teams.

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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Cure Your Internal Or External Physical Problem At Affordable Price

Submitted by: Akansha Mawari

The capital of our country has many reasons that have drawn the attention of score of people from the whole world; everyday people move towards Delhi with the hope of best treatment against their deadly disease. One can observe that numbers of people from the all different & different countries are coming to India in search of cheap medical aliments and another reason behind it the easy mode of communication.

Hospitals in Delhi are equipped with all modern techniques along with the high-tech treatment machinery that why the hospitals in Delhi is consider as the top most hospital of ASIA. The high tech hospitals that provides the best cure for the treatment to their patient is escorts, AIIMS, Forties, Max, Vihmans, Medanta, Indo gulf and Apollo hospital.

The doctors of these hospitals are highly educates having the vast theoretical and practical knowledge and they serves the superb specialty or comprehensive service to their every patient. The treatment of every deadly disease is affordable in these hospitals and the skilled surgeons facilitate the patient with their best service.

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Even the plastic surgeons of India are highly qualified having the vast practical knowledge in the individual field generates the safe and successful outcome at the affordable price as compare to the hospitals of other countries.

Hospitals in India have become more popular for the occupational therapy since the last decade; these therapies help in your aches pain above your expectation. Hospitals in India have the perfectionist of occupational therapies and the most important that you would consider that India truly give you the better edge over the other medical tourism destinations.

There are 273 government medical institutions are successful running in the country where of doctor are doing training in their specific medical field; every year highly qualified doctor get their passing out degree with the admission of new one. Hospitals in India various option for the rediscovering and rejuvenating of your health; medical tourism is the emerging segment of India s tourism industry.

The ultra high tech cost of medical treatments like UK and USA lead to the popularity among the all nations. The local doctors including district and state best hospital when disapprove any patient then name of remain hope is hospital in India. Private hospital in Delhi has the well experienced and sincere medical staff that cures the patient with the every possible convenience and without any language they understand the complete problem of the patient.

Hospital in India has specialty for the cardiac care thus it is most preferred place for the patients to get treatment through miraculous combination of advanced technology which are concerned with medical electronics with unrivaled specialty. This great innovation has made experts as a leading cardiologists and cardo thoracic surgeons. Heart hospitals in Delhi are admired for the peculiarity which is providing for the wide-ranging cardiac care. This care of cardiac form basic facilities to the most proficiently curative technology is executed by the physicians. Along with the technology which is modern, world class and the dimensions handled by them have universal benchmark. Surgeons offer surgery to high risk patients with the assist of inventive techniques such as minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

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