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Friday, March 6th, 2015

How To Find The Best Home Theater Sound System

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How To Find The Best Home Theater Sound System


Dean Caporella

When shopping for the best home theater sound system your budget is going to play an important role in selecting your desired package.

Yes, the best sound systems will usually set you back many thousands of dollars however, the truth is, you can still get superior quality for a much smaller outlay.In fact, systems costing just a few hundred dollars can provide the type of sound you would expect to hear in a cinema.

Too many new players to the home theater arena are blinded by the need to spend thousands of dollars to get the best quality and in most cases, this is simply good marketing gone mad.

The same rules apply to home theater as they do in real estate; be careful not to over-capitalize. Just ask yourself what it is you really need and then adjust your specific components accordingly.

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Made To Order Sound Systems

Experienced technical nuts have the advantage of knowing exactly what it is they need in their home theater system and can mix and match accordingly. However, inexperienced players generally rely on advice and in many cases this can be damaging to your pocket.

Made to order systems can range in price from anywhere up to five figures and while this sounds expensive, you’ll be getting what you want. Similarly, made to order systems for much less, under $1000, may sound cheap yet many won’t compromise on sound quality.

Packaged Sound Systems

This can be the ideal scenario for the non-technical types. The good news is brand names such as Panasonic, Sony and Phillips offer ideal home theater sound systems as part of their overall packages. They take the uncomfortable guesswork out of choosing appropriate sound accessories.

Your job will then be to improve on what you’ve already got without blowing the budget through the roof. A set of speakers you may receive within a packaged deal may be enough however, you can enhance the quality further by shopping for sub-woofers. In many cases, sub-woofers aren’t included as part of the package and for a little extra expense, your in home theater heaven.

Wireless Home Theater

The best home theater sound system in the next few years is likely to be wireless. At the moment though, wireless is still climbing up the quality rankings and while it may not yet be on a par with it’s cabled cousin, experts tip it won’t be too much longer before it hits the same level.

If you are considering wireless home theater at the present time, resist the temptation to go too high in price because as technology continues to improve and more people switch to wireless, prices will also start to decrease.

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