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Monday, May 15th, 2017

Struggle To Freedom}

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Submitted by: Aziza Ashanti

Derrick and Tammy live a picture perfect life: the beautiful house, two gorgeous kids and a marriage that is the envy of the PTA. Decades later they struggle to keep their past at bay; a murky series of traumas of humanity, incest and sexual depravity. Then the unthinkable occurs. Ugh!! Sick, confused and full of self-loathing, Derrick receives an invitation. Destruction looms as the past begins to engulf his once happy future. Tammy begins to fall back into the abuse she once escaped. It seems that only a divine miracle will redeem them from the depths of human anguish. Heres how the story begins..

Hello my name is Derrick Pratt and Im a fictitious character, created through inspiration, to help victims and captives of incest, rape, and molestation in the American Community.

Throughout my life, Ive experienced various family sexual relationships. My struggle to freedom from incest was very emotional, mentally damaging, and quite painful. I eventually got sick in my body because I thought I had no way out.

The need to start my own family caused me to break away from my family members; only to fall back into incest again. Finally, only after an extremely, unpleasant incident with my father and daughter, was I able to seek the help that I needed. In the end, I regained a normal family relationship, my dignity, self-respect and peace of mind.

For the time being, lets go back to an earlier time in my life. Its mid-January 1987, Im 19 and I work the family farm after school. I come from a poor African-American family that has engaged in incest for four generations (a tradition I learned to love and hate). Sex has been a very prevalent part of my life since I was 14.

I lived in the town of Heyvyn, which is located high in the mountains, in a very secluded part of the state; about three hundred miles from any major city.

It had a population of one thousand residents, 43% African American, 21% American Indian, 30% Mexican and 6% White. The economy was based on refining oil, factory steel, and farming.

The local religion was a Christian-based church. The attendance was usually quite small for the population; however services were usually well-attended during weddings and funerals. Overall, at least 75 percent of the town participated in incest. It was a way of life up here; fathers sexing daughters, brothers sexing sisters, mothers sexing sons, and cousins sexing cousins.

In order for you to understand my situation, I need to begin my story in 1987 at a time when I was forced to make life-changing decisions. The series of events started when Gordon Davenport arrived at the Blaylock Grill in Heyvyn, for a business luncheon.

Gordon Davenport has chestnut brown eyes, fine, straight brown hair and a broad-shouldered build. Hes five-feet, six inches tall, 180 pounds and 45 years old. Hes bright-skinned with a small nose and large hands.

He moved to Heyvyn when his daughter was three years old. He obtained a job at the steel factory and worked his way up to Senior Sales Manager. He wasnt rich, but had carved out a comfortable living for himself. He was still considered high society and a man of influence; but just barely.

While attending his luncheon, Mr. Davenport was approached by Mr. Douglas Monroe; one of the most influential men in Heyvyn. He was quite wealthy and a descendant of the First Five. Mr. Monroe has slanted eyes, thin, straight black hair, and a thin mustache. Hes five-feet, one-inch tall, 130 pounds and age 37. He has a boyish build, knobby ears and stubby-fingered hands. He tends to look sick because hes so short and thin.

They stepped out onto the terrace of the restaurant. Mr. Monroe explained that he noticed Mr. Davenports daughter and wanted her hand in marriage, but only upon condition. Mr. Davenport said shes available, but wanted to know, conditions he was speaking of. Mr. Monroe explained, Ill be able to offer her a formal education, a lovely home, and a comfortable life; but only if shes a virgin. Is your daughter a virgin Gordon?

My daughter is a virgin and shes a wonderfully bright young lady with a beautiful personality. Mr. Monroe smiled, Gordon, if you can assure me your daughters a virgin, in the presence of your wife; I would like to obtain your permission to marry your daughter. There will also be a handsome dowry of twenty five thousand dollars for you and your wife after Ive married your daughter.

Mr. Davenport looked puzzled but stated I can examine my daughter with my wife and Ill get back to you. Would that be acceptable to you? Mr. Monroe turned away and looked up in the air, Thats acceptable. However, you must agree to check her every night until our marriage. Do you agree?

Mr. Davenport stepped in front of him, to face Mr. Monroe so that theyre looking eye-to-eye, You want me to check my daughter every single night? Mr. Monroe gave Mr. Davenport a very stern and serious look. I want you to take a flashlight and check your daughters womanhood every night to make sure her womanhood is in place and that shes a virgin on the day of our wedding.

These are my terms and theyre not negotiable. Do you agree? Mr. Davenport seemed very puzzled, but shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head in agreement. The two men shook hands and returned to the luncheon.


Now lets go across town to a poverty-stricken area where my family lived. The Pratt family resided on a farm about five miles from downtown Heyvyn. It was a modest five-bedroom home. Its worn from weather and in need of repair. There was a medium-sized barn in back of the house, about 20 yards from a back road which connected to neighboring towns in the area.

Elmer Pratt (my father) is the head of the Family. Hes 450 pounds with an enormous beer belly. Elmer is 40 years of age, dark-skinned, six-feet tall, and has an eighth grade education, but an extremely sharp mind. Hes married to Irma Pratt (my mother), and together they have four children.

1) Myself, of course — Im six-feet tall, 175 pounds. Im 19, I have silky, straight, black hair with green eyes like my mother and maternal grandmother. I have a very muscular, athletic build, and bright-tanned skin. Im broad shouldered and have high cheek bones with full lips;

2) My twin sister, Derricka — has long wavy, black hair. She was born 7 minutes after me, five-feet five-inches tall, 150 pounds with light-tanned skin, thick hips, thick lips, and a busty build. Shes a very pretty girl and quite developed for her age;

3) My younger brother, Nathan Hes five-feet, five-inches tall, 18-years-old, 125 pounds, dark-skinned, has a medium build, with kinky, short black hair; and

4) My baby sister, Lula — Shes 17, five-feet, four-inches tall, has droopy light brown eyes, with long straight black hair. Lula has a busty build with light-tanned skin. She has high cheek-bones and a small mouth like Mama.

My father provided for our family any way he could. However, we reached a time when the farm wasnt actually producing enough to support our family, so my father prostituted my twin sister (Derricka). Daddy knows that shell bring in a large amount of money because he has taught her how to please a man.

My father has been sexing my twin sister, since her 18th birthday. As is the custom in our family, fathers introduce their daughters to sex, to prepare them for their husbands.

At the age of seventeen, all girls in our family are required to start using birth control-pills, to prepare their bodies for sex. Apparently this custom was observed by quite a few families in Heyvyn. Fathers prepared their daughters for their husbands and some mothers prepared their sons for their wives.

My father had a small guest room, built onto the side of the barn. The room is nine by nine feet, and has white country drapes over the window, a small heater built into the wall, a full-size bed, and two night stands, placed on both sides of the bed. Theres a small bathroom in the corner of this room.

Because of the odor from the animals in the barn, daddy usually asked my younger brother, Nathan to go into the woods to pick wild flowers with a strong fragrance, which gives the guest room a pleasant aroma.

The young men of Finnwade (30 miles east of Heyvyn) and Phenolade (45 miles west of Heyvyn) learned several months ago, that they can have sex with an attractive 19-year-old. All they have to do is call daddy for an appointment.

Lastly, my mother (Irma Pratt) tends to be a timid person, very pleasant, and quite easy going. Shes 37, five-feet five-inches tall, 175 pounds with large breasts. She has large green eyes, bright-tanned skin, and thick curly, neck-length, dark brown hair. Shes elegant and very beautiful. She also comes from an incest family.

Its Monday afternoon. Mama was very busy making plans for my baby sisters birthday party. Lulas turning 18 tomorrow. Lulas much like Mama; timid and quiet.

My fathers cell phone rings. He made an appointment for Derricka; instructing the young man to drive to the back of the farm, to avoid coming through Heyvyn, so as not to draw attention.

Its 4:30 in the evening, and a nice, brisk January day. After the young man arrived, daddy explained the rules. He could have thirty minutes with Derricka for twenty dollars; however, he couldnt do anything freaky, such as beat, or hurt her in any way. The young man agreed.

My Father took the young man, whos about 20, to the guest room, where Derricka waited for him. Daddy opened the door, Honey, your clients here. Derricka seductively answered, Please come in and make yourself comfortable. The young man entered the guest room and daddy closed the door, checked his watch, and went back to the house.

I was in the house pacing the floor because Im worried about my twin sister. Were very close. I know I cant ask my father about the business arrangement hes made with Derricka, but Im concerned for my sisters safety…

I hope you enjoyed this portion of Chapter 1.

Best Regards

About the Author: Aziza Ashanti


Aziza is an up and coming Fictional Novelist and Inspirational Speaker, which speaks straight from the shoulder, tackling tough taboo subjects; such as Incest, Family Sagas, and Dysfunctional Families. Aziza has a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and is fascinated with the inner workings of the mind. Four months of steady, consistent nightmares gave birth to her 1st novel, Struggle To Freedom (Replevin, 2014). Her writing with shock and amaze, cause the reader to ask questions, and cause empathy for the characters that take the reader on a journey. To learn more about Aziza or Struggle To Freedom please visit




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