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Monday, July 13th, 2015

Sony Ericsson T250i Mobile Phone Review Proof That Good Mobile Phone Handsets Can Come In Small Packages!

By Carlson Osbourne

As mobile phone technology has advanced in recent years, there has been an ongoing battle between all of the mobile phone providers to establish the best company on the market. They have all introduced phones that can do it all and look fashionable as well, but they have largely neglected the people that do not want anything flashy but would still like a capable phone until now! The Sony Ericsson T250i is designed to cater for the people in that group and is a stylish but fantastically simple phone with excellent features and a universal appeal, but just what can the Sony Ericsson T250i offer you?

Starting with the outer casing and overall beauty of the Sony Ericsson T250i, it really is a gorgeous yet understated phone. It does not scream style but it does have a touch of class that few fashionable phones seem to have these days. The Sony Ericsson T250i actually has a brushed aluminium outer casing, with a choice of all silver or silver and black available. The candy bar style handset is also incredibly compact, light at just 85g and fits in the hand well so everyone will feel comfortable holding it.

The class of the phone does not end with the design though. Instead, it simply starts there. The menus are easy to use because everything is where it should be, thus making all the features highly accessible. This especially applies to the camera menu because the feature has its own dedicated menu, thus making its use much easier. The navigation is also made easy by the Sony Ericsson T250is spin effect key. Whether you have used such a key before or not, this is easy to get used to and very effective.

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The VGA camera is easily the main feature of the Sony Ericsson T250i and does a fantastic job. The camera itself is not complex at all so you will take no time to get used to it, but the images its takes are fabulous. The TFT screen displays the images incredibly well, but it is the extras that make the camera feature a delight to use. There are several picture settings to choose from, a viewfinder display and a direct MMS option so you do not have to go back through the message facilities to send the images.

As you can see, the Sony Ericsson T250i is very good at what it does but many people will believe it to be a basic phone as a result of the features that are missing and one or two niggles. For example, the camera is limited by the lack of flash and auto focus, in addition to the fact that there is only 2MB of memory on board. There is also limited connectivity, with only infra red available. Finally, the feature most notable by its absence is a music player. There is no music functionality at all with the exception of an FM radio.

The Sony Ericsson T250i is a user focused mobile and would be perfect for those just looking for a simple but functional mobile. It cannot do it all, but what the Sony Ericsson T250i does do it does incredibly well. As such, it is definitely one to consider.

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