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Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Finding The Humor In Parenting A Toddler}

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Submitted by: Miriam Seitler

I absolutely love parenting. My children are the joy of my life and I love spending all day with them. That being said- there are some places that children do not belong. Weddings. Funerals. Airplane Flights. The Grocery. Actually, pretty much anywhere in public. The problem that I have is that children can not be neatly folded and put away every time you have to go on errands. So I adjust, adapt and pray.

Recently, I had the misfortune of having to renew my license. Yes, I know I should have gone in the beginning of the month, when the DMV is always emptier. I got the notice of renewal and promptly forgot about it until five days before my license expires. As any suburban mom knows, we live in our minivans, and not being able to drive just won’t work.

As soon as I walked into the Department of Motor Vehicles, I knew I was in for trouble. There are a huge ‘no cell phone sign’ and the place was eerily quiet. I have gotten so used to the background noise of everyone talking to themselves that I found it spooky to see adults just sitting on chairs and staring into the distance. As soon as I made myself comfortable on the chairs, with my toddler on my lap, I began to get the dirty looks. You know the looks. The “I can’t believe you are ruining my peace and quiet with that kid” look. Any seasoned mom has gotten the look on airplanes, buses and upscale boutique shops.

My toddler was quiet for the first five minutes. That was a feat in and of itself. Then the whining began, followed by the running in circles, followed by the window banging. I felt so stuck! If I leave to take her outside for a bit, I might miss my turn. If I stay, the looks I was getting from the audience would kill me. I pulled a book out of my bag to read to her, but my seatmate gave me a glance that said “don’t you dare read that and make even more noise!” Thoroughly cowed I put it away. I got a “Honey, don’t let your kid pull on the window shade” and a “Dear, don’t let her stand on a chair.” After a half an hour of pure torture it was finally my turn.

A word to the wise. Never take a picture of yourself after trying to keep your tot quiet for a half an hour. The photo on my license is a picture of a harried, overstressed mom. Kind of like I’m going to look when the cop pulls me over.

Walking out of the DMV I heaved a huge sigh of relief. At least when I go to renew my license next time this kid will be 6 years old!

Bottom line – if you need to go somewhere in public you may want to leave your little toddler at home. If you can’t find someone to step in and cover for you be sure to bring some strong tranquilizers. You’re going to need them!

About the Author: Miriam Seitler is mother of 4 adorable children. She lives in New Jersey and is the owner of


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