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Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Purest Form Of Silk Saree Mulberry Silk}

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Purest form of Silk Saree – Mulberry Silk


Ankur Modi

Introduction to Mulberry Silk Sarees –

Strong as steel and light as feather, Mulberry silk sarees are one of the most exquisite and finest sarees found in the country. In India, any occasion be it festivals, religious functions or weddings, they are incomplete without pure silk sarees. Oldest form of fabric known to mankind since Indus valley civilization, pure silk is the most ancient fabric used for textiles. The silk for mulberry sarees is produced from the larva of the domestic moth called Bombyx mori that feeds on the mulberry leaves and hence the name. The quality of this fiber is extremely fine and far superior to any other form of silk. The natural shades of Mulberry silk sarees are pale or off-white which are then dyed into vivid colors and adorned in colored threads and zari to give them a well-deserved finish.

Origin of Mulberry Silk Fabric –

While the origin of Mulberry silk in India is shrouded in mystery, it is seen that sericulture was practiced during the Indus Valley Civilization, the principles of which were applied to the production of Mulberry silk when it became sought after as a commercially viable business. Production and Sericulture of Mulberry silk fabric are spread out in various states of the country like Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Characteristics of Mulberry Pattu Silk Sarees –

Mulberry pattu silk sarees are exquisite and can be distinguished from the rest because of their inherent sheen and their fluidic appearance. These pure silk sarees are economically more viable due to their relevance in today’s ethnic fashion world. Since the original color of the fabric of these mulberry sarees is pale or off white, they can be easily dyed into a hue of colors giving them a lot of room for creativity. Not just that, these sarees is also known to retain the dye thus ensuring they have long shelf lives. Mulberry silk sarees that were once worn by nobility and the creme de la of society, today too are a style statement and a status symbol for many.

Benefits of Pure Silk sarees –

Pure silk sarees that ooze sophistication and sensuality are a symbol of opulence and grace. These sarees are strong yet light and soft to the touch. The tangible comfort of a mulberry Silk saree comes from the fact that it is made from a natural fiber consisting of proteins and amino acids that are soft and soothing on the skin and never cause any dryness, irritation or rash. Silk as a natural fiber is known for absorbing moisture and also allowing the skin to breathe. This way a pure silk saree not just helps you to stay cool in scorching summers but it also ensures you don’t develop any skin related problems.

Online Mulberry Silk Sarees at Shatika –

The Mulberry silk saree collection at Shatika is definitely worth a dekho as it hosts some of the finest authentic and 100% original mulberry silk sarees from eastern India, the part of India that boasts of the widest collection of the most ancient weave of pure silk sarees. If that’s not enough, its incomparable mulberry silk saree price range is sure to draw your attention towards this indomitable collection.

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