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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Modifying Your Spring Airsoft Guns}

Modifying Your Spring Airsoft Guns


Vikram Kumar

It is well-known saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and this is meant to reflect the deep seated human need for power. When it comes to spring airsoft guns, that need manifests itself in the form of a hunger for more powerful guns. Most spring airsoft guns sold by retailers are not as powerful when they first arrive as those guns which are powered by gas. With just some planning and effort, however, you can purchase cheap airsoft guns and modify them to become extremely powerful.

Many people who purchase spring airsoft guns and shoot them for a while find themselves dissatisfied with the power that they get from their guns. Instead of having to spend more money on a more powerful gun, however, you can also choose to modify the gun that you already have to make it more powerful. There are two ways that this can be done. Either with commercially available modification kits or with homemade modifications.

For those who are willing to spend more money to upgrade their gun, then commercially available modification kits are the way to go. These kits are more user-friendly, having been made for use by people who do not have expertise with modifications. Clear instructions are provided and the parts are usually well constructed.

Most commercial kits intended to increase the power of spring airsoft guns involve replacing the guns spring. By replacing the existing spring with a stiffer spring, the gun becomes more difficult to pull back and cock, but also fires with greater power.

For the more budget-conscious, however, homemade modifications are probably the more attractive option. The most common homemade modification is known as stretching the spring. True to its name, this literally involves stretching the guns spring. In doing so, when the spring is placed back in the gun, it becomes more difficult to cock the gun and thus provides more power.

When embarking on modifications to your spring airsoft guns, however, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The first is the overall construction of the gun. Most of the time, the reason why the guns were not more powerful in the first place is that the manufacturer did not consider the materials used to construct the gun strong enough to withstand greater power. This is especially true with cheap airsoft guns that are made of plastic.

Modifying cheap airsoft guns to be too powerful could cause the guns to crack during firing as they are unable to withstand the greater pressures. Making a gun too strong could, for example, bend the barrel, making the gun inaccurate or even completely useless.

If you think that your cheap airsoft guns are up to the task, however, and you would like to make some homemade modifications to them, then you should take some time to do research on the internet for instructions. There are a myriad of instructional videos available online that provide clear and concise instructions as to how to go about modifying your spring airsoft guns.

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Modifying Your Spring Airsoft Guns }