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Friday, July 24th, 2015

Aviator Scarf Motorcycle Scarf: How To Match Them Up

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By Ronald Rougeaux

The impact of Aviator scarf and motorcycle scarf to fashion as well as to women aesthetics is immense. These stunningly beautiful scarves are famous and beyond the elegance delivered by designer clothes, fine jewelries, a nice piece of aviator scarf holds the power of making a sensational fashion wear. Good quality aviator motorcycle scarves are a great investment as they can offer you protection, comfort, as well as a high sense of self-esteem. To provide quality products to wearer, designers are creating some amazingly stylish modern accessories that are becoming essential to compliment any clothing.

Aviator scarf: Fashion is cyclical. What was trendy yesterday could very well be trendy tomorrow. In fact, today we are experiencing fads from previous eras. Vintage fashion has become an appealing style for many men and women alike. The neckerchiefs of the Sixties, the headbands of the Seventies and the long skirts of the Twenties are all coming back in style.

The aviator scarf is no such exception. Many Hollywood celebrities and even high-profile politicians and athletes can be seen wearing them at different occasions. Whether you are a man or a woman, this scarf can create an image of sophistication and ruggedness at the same time for you.

The aviator scarf was popular among pilots in the late 20s and early 30s due to the protection it offered for its wearers. Its distinctive white color and tiny tassels remind us of an era of exploration and discovery.

You do not need to be a pilot to enjoy the beauty of an aviator scarf. In fact, there are many clothing ensembles you can cook up with aviator scarves, whether for a day out or for a night at the opera. Here are the ways you can match aviator scarves.

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Evening Wear

There is a theory that aviator scarves came from opera scarves. During the 1920s and 1930s, flying was usually reserved for wealthy men who could afford to buy planes as a hobby, or those who underwent strenuous and expensive training. Because of this, those who flew planes were normally those who also went to expensive operas. You will notice the similarity between aviator scarves and the white scarves won by stars like Clark Gable and Tyrone Power at evening affairs.

Men today can wear aviator scarves with their suits for a debonair appearance. Light-colored aviator scarves go best with brown or taupe suits, but also work well with gray and blue suits.

Leather Wear

The leather jacket is the most popular accessory to aviator scarves. You can wear brown or black leather jackets to accentuate the cream or white color of aviator scarves. Match this with dark denim jeans. This look can be as effective for both men and women.

You can add a twist to this look by wearing trench coats instead of leather jackets.

Active Wear

Aviator scarves also go well with plaid shirts, plain tank tops and button-down shirts. Dark denim jeans always go well with this ensemble.

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