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Monday, January 30th, 2017

Free Discount Rx Cards Donated To Help Nc Community}

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Free Discount Rx Cards Donated To Help NC Community


Rachel Barnes

ACRX announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project of where arrangements have been made to donate over 20 million ACRX discount prescription cards throughout the country. One of the main locations in the Asheville,NC area that received an initial donation of ACIRX free prescription cards,is Asheville-Buncombe Community Christian Ministry (ABCCM). The ACIRX discount cards are to be donated to anyone in need of help in defraying the high cost of prescription drugs. Call 828-259-5300 for a card while supplies last.

Due to the rising costs, unstable economics, and the mounting cost of prescriptions, American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACRX) a.k.a (ACIRX) an Atlanta based company was born in 2004. The ACRX discount prescription card program was created and over 3 million discount prescription cards were donated to the community across the country free of charge between 2004-2005.

The ACRX cards will offer discounts of name brand drugs of up to 40% off and up to 60% off of generic drugs. They also possess no eligibility requirements, no forms to fill out, or expiration date as well .One card will take care of a whole family. Also note that the ACRX cards will come to your organization already pre-activated .The cards are good at over 50k stores from Walgreen, Wal mart, Eckerd’s, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, and many more. Any one can use these cards but we are focusing on those who are uninsured, underinsured, or on Medicare.

ACRX made arrangements online for the ACRX card to be available at ACIRX org where it can be downloaded as well. This arrangement has been made to allow organizations an avenue to continue assisting their clients in the community until they receive their orders of the ACRX cards. We made it possible for future request to be made from online as well. We also developed a unique marketplace at 2spendless where you can also click on the ACIRX blue banner and download your free discount prescription card as well as find other key discounts.

With a backorder of over 40 million cards ACRX is working diligently to assist as many people and organizations as possible. ACRX will be working over the next few months to fulfill as many backorders as possible. It should be noted that while many other organizations and companies place a cost on their money saving cards, we do not believe a cost should be applied, just to assist our fellow Americans. ACRX states that it will continue to strive to assist those in need.

Charles Myrick, President/CEO of American Consultants Rx Inc, an Atlanta based insurance and marketing agency,offers many in depth reviews. Explore some of the sites reviewed at http://www.acirx.org , http://www.spendlessonshopping.com and http://www.spendlessoninsurance.com .

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Monday, September 21st, 2015

Starlight Weight Loss Products The Impulse To Change Your Life

Submitted by: Robert Kokoska

Starlight weight loss products presents you two types of products: Natural Trim 3X, which is a thermogenic herbal complex and “Fat Free” which has a fat control formula.

Natural Trim 3X has been medically tested and by using it, you can lose 3 times more fat tissue than with diet and exercises alone. With its fat burning ingredients you can lose weight easier and healthier. Because it`s a natural medicine, it won`t have any nasty side effects while it helps you to keep your energy levels higher for longer periods. Mental focus is also important when you have to follow a diet program, and Natural Trim 3X not only gives you the necessary energy, but it helps you to be more attentive and focused on your diet and on your daily exercise.

Starlight’s products are clinically tested and their fat-fighting ingredient is proven to be one of the best. Some people were involved in a 8 week clinical trial and they lost 22 pounds following a diet program and a program of exercise and of course taking the Natural Trim 3X.

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When you do some other diets, you may feel weak and without strength, but it’s not the case when taking Natural Trim 3X. Please remember that the results are different for each person and Natural Trim 3X is not enough one for losing weight. You must have a weight management program in place, a healthy diet and of course, you must do some for of exercise. This weight loss product is not recommended for those who have problems with caffeine. As you may know, caffeine is a great support in losing weight.

Fat Free, the other weight loss product from Starlight products is 100% natural. It contains Glucomannan, a herb that is a great source of fiber. It also contains Gymnema Sylvestre and some other herbs that have the effect of reducing the appetite. Fat Free appeared recently on the market, but with only 2 tablets, 30 minutes before each meal, you will be able to lose weight, of course if you take into account the fact that the exercises and a balanced diet are elements that cannot be left out.

In order to not regain extra pounds after you stop taking Starlight products, you have to quit taking them gradually. After you have reached the shape you want, you have to try to maintain the ideal shape. This period of maintenance can last from 2 weeks to 1 month. It can vary from one person to another. During the first week, you should take one tablet every 2 days and in the second week 1 tablet every 3-4 days.

Starlight products are over the counter weight loss products and that makes them more reachable. You just have to prepare yourself for a new life, following a healthy, balanced diet, the determination to do exercise and Starlight weight loss products will help you to lose more weight than following a simple diet, without any additional help.

Starlight weight loss products can change your life. After taking these products you will be more selective with the food you choose and these will be a big step to a better and healthier life.

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