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Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours A Helicopter Is Your Best Choice

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By Grace Canning

Why a helicopter tour is the best way to see the Grand Canyon

You can see the Grand Canyon by airplane, SUV, horse or boat but none of them come close to the experience that you get soaring like a Condor 5000 feet up in a helicopter.

Tour the Grand Canyon by SUV

It’s comfortable and you get plenty of time to take in the information provided by your guide. You only see the Canyon from the ground and it can take a long time to see the sights.

Riding a horse through the Grand Canyon

It’s a great way to spend a few hours or days for that matter but only attempt this if you’re comfortable with horses. It’s not to everyone’s taste.

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Boating through the Grand Canyon

See the Grand Canyon from the Colorado river. A great way to spend a day. It’s an awesome sight and can be very relaxing.

Fly over the Canyon in a fixed wind airplane

This is a good way to see the Grand Canyon if you’re in a hurry. Fixed wing planes fly faster than helicopters but they also fly higher and the window viewing area is not as good as you get in a helicopter. You get to see a lot less of the Canyon this way. Fixed wing tours tend to be cheaper than helicopter tours.

Board your helicopter – You’re in for a treat

The Grand Canyon is an amazing natural wonder of the world. It’s over 270 miles (435km) long following the route of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 18 miles (29km) wide at its widest points and it’s approximately one mile (1.6km) deep.

A helicopter has to be the best way to see the whole Canyon

The overwhelming scale of the canyon makes a helicopter tour the best way to get a good feel for the area on a short visit or at the beginning of a longer vacation. You’ll be looking down on the Grand Canyon as if you’re a Condor soaring over the magical landscape.

From your position high above the canyon you’ll have an unparalleled ability to compare the distinctively varied landscapes and vivid colours that are present in different areas of the region; from dry, dusty oranges to the greens of the more lush and fertile areas.

Descending below the canyon Rim

As you descend into the Grand Canyon the walls and peaks become visible. This gives you an awesome view of the many layers of rock that are just stacked on top of one another. Layers of rock present a colorful timeline of geological history where the youngest rocks are nearest the top and oldest are at the bottom. The oldest rocks are around 1,800 million years old would you believe that?

Helicopters only carry around 6 – 8 passengers at a time which lets you to escape the confusion of the tourist centres and viewing points. The tourist places get very busy and can spoil your appreciation of the beauty of the Canyon.

Explore one of the most awesome wonders of your natural world, book yourself a Grand Canyon helicopter tour today, you won’t regret it.

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