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Sunday, January 29th, 2017

What Does It Take To Become A Model?}

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What does it take to become a model?


Rick Martin

If you are an attractive, talented, persistent and highly motivated person, then you have the qualities required to become a model. Many Toronto male models, Toronto female models and, lately, more and more Toronto kids choose a career in the fashion bizz, equally fascinated by the glamour and magic of this spectacular world, and the substantial paychecks.

Modeling agencies are constantly looking for new talents, future Toronto male models and Toronto female models, to enrich their portfolios. Model searches are one way of being discovered and to be picked up by an agent for representation or to get headed in the right direction. Practically anyone can show up at the model searches organized by diverse talent management companies, but not just anyone would have the prospect to be selected for representation by an agency.

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The modeling industry established certain beauty standards that have been adopted by all modeling agencies as selection criteria. For instance, there are two types of models: glamour, illustrated by a round shaped face, angelic, charming look, and grunge, referring mainly to a sharp angular face, with prominent cheeks. In order to step on the catwalk, Toronto male models and Toronto female models need to have a pleasant look, a thin body line, especially for presentations, and minimal height of 58 (170 cm) for Toronto girl models and 6 (180 cm) for Toronto boy models. Also, measurements should be anywhere from 34-36 bust, 23-25 waist and 34-36 hips (or 90-60-90 translated in cm). Still, the world of modeling is full of surprises and non-conformities. One good example of how rules can be broken is Kate Moss (grunge type) and her catwalk sessions, although she is only 1.69 cm tall. So, you never know your luck!

Another way of getting your modeling career launched is through a model book or portfolio. You want your model portfolio to be professional, complete and impressive when you show it. An awesome Toronto female model portfolio should include a good selection of different types of looks, between 10 to 25 photos normally consisting of 9 x 12 prints. You need to include commercial, fashion, casual and editorial content shots. The minimal acceptable model books need to include a headshot of yourself smiling and one not smiling, a full length body shot, natural make-up and hair-off face. Headshots and full length body shots, preferably swimwear, are mandatory for any Toronto male model portfolio.

A professional photographer or agent can assist you in the most delicate matter of model book quality, so ask for advice whenever you have second thoughts. First-class model talent agencies, such as Susan J. Talent Model & Talent Management in Toronto, are always looking for the next biggest discovery to add to their agencys credits. So, theyll be more than happy to analyze your portfolio and give a quick answer whether or not you are heading the right direction. Modeling training courses, although not compulsory, are always an important asset when it comes to first impression, especially for Toronto female model and Toronto kids. Agencies recommend on camera testing and training, particularly for the models applying for larger markets, such as the top NY agencies.

And the experts words always count, since their job is to recognize and groom new talents to succeed in the world of modeling. The relationship between agency and models is a contractual one, which clearly specifies parties obligations and rights, including here the agencys obligation to promote and represent the model in good faith and efficiently, contracts duration, payment terms and conditions, the models seriousness and implication in specific activities, as well as termination clauses. Any Toronto male model, Toronto female model and Toronto child model should be aware of all these aspects before signing the contract.

One thing stands out crystal clear: strength of character, determination and self-control need to be paired by reputable talent management services, including industry placement and training, done by highly selective agencies in scouting, reviewing and promoting

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