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Friday, December 25th, 2015

Tag Toys: Developmental Toys For Ages 1 6

By Alycia Shapiro

Developmental toys make a mark with parents everywhere. These types of toys can help support gains that are made in therapy. TAG Toys has been producing toys that help with the crucial first years in a child’s mental and physical growth. Studies show that the first six years of life are crucial to a child’s development in these areas which means that early learning is the best way to help children both typical and those with special needs. No doubt, the vast amount of educational products on the market can seem overwhelming.

TAG Toys is based in Southern California and has been making developmental toys using the latest research in child development since 1976. The unique and award winning TAG Toy designs are based on established well-researched learning theory and provide the stimulation necessary for the early development of sensory motor skills and thinking abilities. And all of these toys target the first six years in a child’s growth.

Shapes and colors are crucial for a good learning foundation. TAG has created solid wooden shapes with bright primary colors in all kinds of toys. Puzzles are a wonderful way to teach shapes and TAG gives several types with which to do this. Whether it’s the jumbo knob puzzle or a shape sorting cube, these toys are sure to entertain and educate. Puzzles and games will also help with the Part/Whole concept since the shapes are often divided into pieces. The child not only has to create the shape, she also has to find its match. The designs may be simple, but they are just as effective.

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TAG will also help your child as he or she moves from the “building blocks” of learning to more advanced concepts. As long as your child is in school, letters and numbers will be a part of his daily routine and TAG Toys can help introduce these concepts. Puzzles help with sequencing and recognition, but TAG takes it a step further. They’ve created puzzles with activities that help your child learn to use letters and numbers as well as recognize them. Now your child can use counting beads while he finishes his puzzle. Or if you your youngster is ready to spell but a little too young to write, she’ll love the “I Can Spell” alphabet puzzle that comes with word cards she can copy on the enclosed chalkboard. One of the more notable toys is the Lock Memory box. This box is covered with different styles of latches that must be undone before opening the compartment. These innovations make each toy more diverting as well as educational.

If motor skills are an area your child needs help in, TAG can help! There is a variety of traditional stacking toys that are proven to help improve these skills. This includes the wooden stacking toy and the Circle Stacking Tower both of which are free from sharp edges and display vibrant colors. However, TAG has also created other unique toys that will entertain any child and help refine motor skills. Your kid will have so much fun hiding his treasures in it; he won’t even realize he’s developing important hand-eye coordination.

Parents don’t have to face the challenges of school only education. TAG Toys make parent teaching fun! Help your child get a head start in the crucial early development years and make his or her educational experience a great one!

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