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Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Real Estate Agents Keeping A Positive Mindset In Today’s Market}

Real Estate Agents – Keeping A Positive Mindset In Today’s Market


Tony Seruga, Yolanda Seruga and Yolanda Bishop

Like any other service-oriented business today, the real estate business is focused on relationships and people, not the production of things or the parsing of numbers. This means that real estate agents must be people people, and that their unique personalities will have a significant effect on the success or failure of any given endeavor. If you want to be successful in the difficult and competitive world of real estate, above all else you must have a positive mindset.

There is no perfect real estate agent, but all real estate agents should strive for specific personality traits. They should be positive people, believing at all times that they will succeed in what they’re trying to do, eventually if not today. They should be aggressive, or at least assertive, about going after the properties they want to buy and sell, yet be approachable, friendly people that put a customer at ease.

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Above all, however, real estate agents must be professional. This means maintaining a proper distance from customers, keeping promises, and always behaving like the experts they are.

Of all these traits, the one trait that everything else hangs upon is the positive mindset. If you don’t believe in your ability to sell a property, why should anyone else believe in it? And in the tough real estate world, the hardest thing for real estate agents to do is remain positive. There are a few things you can do to help yourself always look at the bright side of things.

1. Get rid of complainers and drama queens. You can’t eliminate everyone in your life, but you can get rid of friends who don’t share your ambitions and mind frame. This includes people who are always complaining and negative, those who seem to depend on drama to get them through the day, those who tear you down rather than building you up, and those who do not understand when you choose to work rather than go out and have fun. Eliminate those who can drag you down, and seek out the company of those who do share your mindset. You may find yourself hanging out with other real estate agents, and at least in the early days, that’s fine.

2. You can create affirmations for yourself that get you into a positive mindset. This is simple and less hokey than it sounds. Just formulate your goals, and then use them to build simple single-line mantras you can say to yourself. For instance, “I am a real estate agent, and I’m capable of and ready to become the most successful real estate agent in [your city].” Don’t feel locked into that phrase; create your own that works for you, and say it to yourself every morning and at times you feel stressed and discouraged. Make sure you write down those goals, too, and keep them somewhere you’ll read them every day; simply having written goals is one of the most powerful tools for success you’ll ever find.

3. Who do you admire? Few people hold real estate agents up as role models, though some of them can be, probably for the same reason they don’t hold plumbers up: you do a job that does not get much recognition and affects only one individual at a time. If you can’t find a great hero in the real estate world, read about other entrepreneurs and people who have shown the traits you’d like to have as a real estate agent.

You can go further than that if you like. If the person you admire is someone who is living, consider sending them a note telling them how you admire them and what they mean to you. In worst cases, that person will be flattered, and you’ll have put in words exactly what it is that you admire about them. In best cases, you may be able to make a personal contact with that person, starting a genuine friendship with someone you admire.

4. Study successful people, and adopt their positive mindsets and successful habits. This doesn’t mean that you need to study people in a book. In fact, your fellow real estate agents may provide you with the best possible role models. Who in your area is making the nervy deals, the huge profits, and the connections with the customers ready to buy? If you can’t figure out their habits from outside, approach them and ask. You may be pleasantly surprised.

5. Maintain a positive self-image. This will sustain you through the lean times that are sure to be coming to everyone’s town as banks tighten loan qualifications and the housing market slumps. Using your personal goals, your affirmations, and your modeling of successful people, keep working toward excellence. Keep track as you achieve each goal, and celebrate milestones. Look back every six months to see how much you’ve grown. This, more than real estate agents training, will turn you into a successful real estate professional.

Tony Seruga, Yolanda Seruga and Yolanda Bishop of


specialize in commercial and investment real estate. As of May, 2006, they and their partners are managing over $600 million dollars worth of new projects.

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Real Estate Agents – Keeping A Positive Mindset In Today’s Market


Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Wool Carpet Cleaning Do’s And Dont’s

By Albert Connors

Cleaning Wool Carpets

There are a number of people buying wool carpets but they do not realize that these soft and wonderful carpets would need special care and attention. The sales person who sold you the wool carpet might have also forgotten to mention that you cannot use Oxyclean or Woolite on these carpets. However the carpet sales person must have surely mentioned about all the benefits of using wool carpets but not the potential difficulties that can arise while maintaining and cleaning wool carpets. If you are considering to purchase a wool carpet then it is important that you know its uses and if they are for you. You should also know about the safe course to maintain your wool carpets and keep them away from the permanent damage to their fibers.

This Cleaning wool carpets article is a guide that will help you maintain your wall to wall wool carpets. However you should also remember that this guide is not meant for wool oriental rugs as they might have loose dye which can crock or bleed. It is recommended that you take these rugs to a special rug plant which specializes in cleaning wool carpets. Make sure that you do not clean wool oriental rugs at home as they can be damaged.

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What not to do:

If you have recently bought a wool carpet then make sure that you throw away all the carpet cleaning spotters stored in your pantry. You should never use carpet or soap cleaning chemicals to clean your wool carpet unless they have a pH in the range of 4.5 to 8.5. In order to be completely on the safer side you should stay below 7 pH which will not cause the dyes to bleed, or you can also purchase other special products for cleaning wool carpets. You can find them online where several websites have a range of cleaning products which are safe to use on wool carpets. You should however be especially concerned regarding using bleaching products for cleaning wool carpets. This bleach would actually dissolve the wool carpet and can even result in a big hole.

What to do for Wool Carpet Cleaning:

You can use vacuums as often as possible as this is similar to washing your hair. Make sure that you use only the low pH cleaners for cleaning wool carpets. It is never recommended that you use over the counter products for cleaning wool carpets. The high pH cleaners would basically break down the hard scaly or cuticle surface which holds the fiber and this will result in a fluffy mess. You should also make sure not use scrub when cleaning wool carpets as it can damage the fiber. It is however recommended that you use wool safe spotters with the acidic rinse when cleaning wool carpets. This will help in removing all of the residue and will also leave the wool fibers slightly acidic as this can help in maintaining wool softness.

About the Author: The author, Albert Connors, is an expert in cleaning carpets. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years. If you happen to live in or around Boston, MA and are in need of Professional

Boston Carpet Cleaning

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