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Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Halloween Contact Lenses

Submitted by: Nolan Matt

You know what they say; the eyes are the window to our soul. Whether they are blue, green, gray, brown, black or whatever, people can get their first glimpse of our personality through looking at them. They can convey things that are beyond words and gestures. Over the years, we have been trying to find ways of enhancing our appearance by accentuating our eyes. Such technology can even alter the natural colour of our eyes. One interesting product that s out in the market and is taking the fashion scene by storm is the Halloween Contact.

Looking around, I have noticed that it has become a really cool trend among the so-called fashionistas who are always on the lookout for stuff that would make them stand out in the crowd. They are especially popular among teenagers and clubbers. The crazy contacts can also be used in Halloween parties and other events. It s also widely used in various horror films as they make the characters look real with the effect they give to their eyes. There are a lot of designs and colours to choose from and they are not limited to the normal eye colours.

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I have seen various styles and effects but the ones which have the strongest selling points are those that are similar to the cat s eyes. Also those which resemble the wolf s fierce eyes for those were wolf flicks and maybe even stage plays. Some would opt to buy red ones for a bloodshot looking pair of peepers for that Vampire look. It really gives a significant difference and adds more drama to the outfit or costume. It doesn t matter if you decide to be an angel or a devil; you will be able to look convincing when you wear the crazy contacts.

However, you just need to be careful before you think of using them. Carelessness can sometimes cost you a lot. It sure is fun to look animated, funky, and unbelievably cool, but trust me; you need to consult an optician first to get your eye checked before you could use crazy contacts. If you are new to this contact lens wearing business, then you may want to consult a professional to learn about proper care for it. You also have to consider the proper way of putting them on to make sure you don t irritate or worse lacerate your eyes which could lead to a more serious problem such as permanent loss of vision commonly known as blindness.

ColourVUE Contact Lenses, a breakthrough in disposable colour contact lenses is made from a newly developed Hydrogel material. Manufactured with precision lathe cut and cast moulding method which results in ultra thin design. This prevents damage to cornea and remarkably comfort on eyes as a result of excellent oxygen permeability. The colour layers are sandwiched to prevent the colour substance from coming in contact with the eye, ensuring safe contact lens wearing without side effects. ColourVUE offers the widest selection of coloured and crazy contact lenses. More than 50 variations of colours and designs available to satisfy todays fashion conscious society.ColourVUE Crazy contact lenses are perfect for wearing at parties, halloween, dress-up parties, raves or nightclubs!Discount Crazy and Colour Contact lenses – Massive range. Free EXPRESS Post on all contact

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