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Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Best Retail Companies To Work For

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Best Retail Companies To Work For


Paul K. Carder

Jobs in retail can actually prove to be very rewarding careers. When researching these occupations, you will encounter many horror stories about the trials of dealing with irritable customers, the stresses of long hours spent on your feet, and the frustration of typically low pay. However, none of these stereotypes necessarily apply to all retail jobs.

Before applying for a job, you should do some research on the different department stores in your area. Some of these retailers possess far better reputations than others in terms of their treatment of employees. For instance, Target is reputed for its fantastic treatment of all workers. Target offers extensive benefits packages to its employees, and a 10% employee discount is offered as an added bonus. However, the best aspect of a career at Target would be its excellent advancement prospects. Because it is such a large chain, this retailer has many open positions in its managerial and administrative fields. Former cashiers are oftentimes able to progress to a higher occupation in as little as six months.

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Wegman’s grocery stores also possess a reputation for superb treatment of its workers. In the company’s nearly one hundred years of operation, Wegman’s has never implemented a layoff of its workers. Employees are retained at a nearly incomparable rate and their salaries are unrivaled in the world of retail. Workers are able to progress into various positions such as regional managers or customer service specialists.

Nordstrom’s also offers excellent working conditions for employees of all levels. The store’s clean, pleasant environment is considered to be a step above the scurry and bustle of most other department stores, and employees generally enjoy going to work every day. Furthermore, all employees are treated with the utmost care and respect. Nordstrom’s takes special pride in its courteous and thoughtful regard towards all of its workers, even the newest and most inexperienced cashier.

Finally, Macy’s is also considered to be a desirable place to work. Team members are instilled with a sense of excitement and motivation with the store’s unique sales platform, and employees are rewarded for good customer service and increased productivity. A large employee discount sweetens the deal, and most workers at Macy’s are very pleased with their careers at this store due to its pleasant and rewarding atmosphere.

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