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Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Rush Forgets To Mention Education

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Submitted by: Bruce Deitrick Price

Rush Limbaugh has been talking a lot about the four corners of deceit. They are, he says, Journalism, Government, Science, Academia.

But Academia refers to colleges and professors. So Rush has left out one of the worst offenders of all. Education!

Deceit? If Education had a middle name, that would be it.

Education typically refers to everything going on in the public schools, K-12. This everything includes more funny stuff than a Saturday Night Live anthology.

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Quick review: in 1983 the US government created a commission to examine its own public schools and concluded that they seem to have been designed by a hostile foreign power! In 2007 two eminent business leaders Bill Gates and Norman Augustine headed up a commission which concluded that the public schools are a threat to our economic survival.

Even the top educators say, The system is broken. Give us another 500 billion and we ll fix it. These guys are nothing if not shameless.

I ve been having a lot of fun the last several years rummaging around in the Education Establishment s basement where they keep all the skeletons buried. Wow, it s creepy and scary down there. The more you look around, the more your skin will crawl right off your body.

For 100 years the Education Establishment has been dumbing down the country, while all the while pretending to care about education. Yes, they care about education in the same way Castro cares about education. Kids should learn to love socialism and remain silent when he speaks. Meanwhile, our little Castros have been completely obsessed with the goal of social engineering, but disdainful about intellectual engineering. Why would anyone be interested in that? It s so unnecessary!

I better make a confession. Studying American education has eaten away at my gift for subtlety. Now I just want to complain, these people are con artists. Every innovation they come up with is a hoax. They push Whole Word to teach reading but all it does is create 50 million functional illiterates. They devise New Math to teach math, and the whole country immediately sees it doesn t work. You can slog your way through all the many gimmicks that they embrace–Constructivism, Self-Esteem, Cooperative Learning, Reform Math, Multiculturalism, Critical Thinking, 21st-Century Skills, etc.–and you won t find any that actually make kids more knowledgeable. Quite simply, that s not the goal. And what is the goal? Here s my guess: that kids should accept socialism and remain silent when the government speaks.

But let s get to the point of this article. Rush is wrong. He should add Education to his list. Please. The more that people of all ages, colors and incomes become incensed about the mediocrity of the public schools, the more that our Education Establishment will have to deliver a better product. I hope Rush will get more involved in making this happen. I hope all business executives and community leaders will get more involved. I hope everyone who cares about the survival of this country will get involved.

The Education Establishment is dishonest. It has been that way since the time of John Dewey because it has pretended to have values and concerns that it simply doesn t have. This duplicity has poisoned American education for a century. To make improvement, the first thing we have to do is recognize that the past was hypocritical. Then we must systematically discard all the bad ideas injected by a disingenuous Education Establishment.

And what will we get back to? We ll get back to sensible schools, the kind of schools you find in every city in America. Quite often, they re private schools. Typically, their budgets are less than those in public schools. But here s the main thing: there s nothing going on in those good schools that the public schools can t copy once they get their priorities in order.

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, which now has 47 original articles, eight of them about reading. 41: Educators, O. J. Simpson and Guilt extends some of the themes in Rush Forgets To Mention Education.



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