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Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Preserve Cord Blood For The Future}

Preserve Cord Blood for the future


jackson daren

Cord blood is required for various diseases. Preservation of the cord blood is very important. Cord blood is collected within 10 minutes after birth. The collection of the blood is very crucial. If the same is not collected within 10 minutes after birth, then it is better not to collect. Once the cord blood is collected, within 36 to 48 hours the blood needs to be processed, tested, separated and its stem cells are to be frozen. The process to preserve the cord blood

is a little difficult. Moreover, if the preservation is not done properly then the blood is wasted. As the blood is used for critical diseases and for transplantation, it is very important to preserve the blood scientifically. The laboratories, which preserve the cord blood, must be CLIA certified and FDA registered. The labs first test the mother”s blood so that it can be used by family and not for self. Once the tests go fine, the blood is surely preserved for future use.

Special cryobags are used to store the cord blood. These bags are specially compartmentalized. There are three segments in the bag and the portions include 20 ml and 5 ml. Extra protection is given as the bags are over wrapped. The cells of the blood need to be stored for long term as it is the main part of the blood. Hence, the technique, which is used to preserve the cord blood

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, is controlled rate freezing. Once the blood is taken in the specialized bag it is put in a protective cassette and placed in liquid nitrogen. This keeps the cord blood frozen. The preservation method is monitored. The temperature is mainly monitored. Monitoring of the blood is required as the blood is used for critical diseases. Till the stem cell is stored parent have no control over the usage of the blood. Once it is stored, one cannot use the same without the parent”s consent. It is believed that the stem cell can be stored for decades. As the research is very young, sufficient prove is not available. However, it has been proved that more than 15 years the stem cell can be stored. The red blood cells are isolated from the nucleated white blood cell fraction by the method called hydroxyethyl scratch. Before storing the blood in the bag, it is mixed with DMSO, cryoprotectant and dextrant.

The preservation of the cord blood is important and crucial. The idea seems to be new too. Manu healthcare centers and hospitals are coming up with new ideas and techniques to store the cord blood. One important thing to be noted in cord blood preservation is that the cord blood collected should be higher than the minimum amount that is required to perform any stem cell transplant

or any uses. Various chemicals are used to preserve the stem cell. The cord blood is preserved so that it is used for a long time. A little too high or too low temperature will also spoil the cord blood. While preserving the cord blood, mainly the white blood cells are preserved as it is required for transplantation.

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