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Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Chrysler Grand Cherokee Radio Installation Kit

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Submitted by: Jack Wylde

The Grand Cherokee is of the jeep class and is manufactured by the well renowned Chrysler, an American automaker. It was launched into the market in the year 1992 and is continued to be manufactured. It is a multiple utility vehicle and is of medium size. The Cherokees were simultaneously manufactured in Europe and America. The design of the Cherokee was made by the American Motors in the early 80s. The design of the Cherokee was a jeep model and could be used profusely for transport of grocery and other farm product. Though the car was released in 1988, it underwent many changes continuously to improve its look and performance. It had automatic transmission and manual five speed transmission. There were three models that were manufactured initially. They were the base, limited and Laredo.

The base model consisted of all basic features like the manual five speed transmission and the interior was made of cloth. Some features like electronics controlled windows were optional but later made as the basic feature and was made costly. The limited was highly sophisticated by making a customer have many latest features. These features included leather interiors, electronic controlled locking and sunroof, and heated seats. There was also a provision for a computer. The wheels in this version were made of aluminium alloy which had good performance.

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The Laredo had many standard features including power windows, locks and the exterior appearance was made more elegant. It provided airbags for safety and also powerful fog lights. This was an essential for people of both America and Europe since the weather in the winter is foggy. The engine was also modified and produced more torque to give faster pick up and high speed. Since it is considered as a jeep or heavy vehicle the diesel engine were preferred. Torque up to 470 N.m was reachable. The limited version was most luxurious of the three versions. It was available only in three colours: slate, white and platinum.

The manufacture of Limited was the most compared to the other versions of the Cherokee. The radio dash kit of the Cherokee was exemplary. It provided ten speakers for amazing sound system, each of 180 watt power. The double DIN could also be incorporated which had one head unit and the other for playing compact discs. It comes in many colours also and adaptors for making the apertures possible to fit in the universal sized stereos. The later versions of the Cherokee had a sports look which could be used for trekking too. After the modifications made in 1999, the Cherokee had a drastic makeover. It has engine which produced higher torque and better fuel efficiency. It also had an option of having a four wheel driven ride. To minimize the cost of labor and production the manufacture was shifted to Chinese units. The backseat has very less space and is cramped. On highways, at high speed the Cherokee gives a bouncy drive. It was preferred by many because of its features which were relatively luxurious for a jeep.

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