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Friday, January 31st, 2014

Choosing A Gift Item For A New Baby

Submitted by: Olivia Ward

Buying a gift item for a new born child you haven’t seen could be pretty tricky. You have to keep the safety of the child and the functionality of the gift item you are buying. Read on to pick one that is special and functional as well.

Each moment in life is precious as it comes only once. However, there are some extra precious moments that mark special events such as wedding day, anniversary, graduation day, birth of a child, Christening and many others that are worth cherishing a lifetime. You throw parties or do something special on such days to celebrate or commemorate them.

The birth of a new baby is one of the most special of days. Welcoming a new life into the world is an amazing experience, no wonder some parents even express their joy with tears when they hold their child for the first time. A new baby in the family is remembered lifelong with utmost fondness and the occasion too deserves to be special in every way possible. However, what do you do if you are invited to such an occasion?

It’s simple, you buy a keepsake or a gift; but buying one for a child you haven’t seen could be pretty tricky. You could buy flowers or a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates or clothes or gadgets etc., for other occasions such as anniversaries, valentines day, graduation day and so on. However, for a newborn baby, none of them is a good idea. Your gift will have value only if it serves the one who receives it well. You should present something special and functional, for the newborn.

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If you are at loss, don’t be, there are as many gift ideas for a new baby as there are for any other occasion. Picking a gift for a newborn is not an ordeal. In fact, it could even be simpler than picking one for other occasions. Just keep in mind few things such as functionality of the gift item, its relevance to the occasion, gender of the child, safety of the gift etc. Considering them, you can pick one of the gift items or set below:

* Toys While buying a toy for a newborn, safety should be of prime concern as the child is at the most vulnerable stage. You can go for soft toys such as teddy bears, dolls, puppets and other stuffed toys.

* Cards Although not the most functional one, a card with a great message could be special. In addition, buying a card could be the cheapest and easiest way.

* Photo Frames One of the most gifted items, a photo frame is a good idea. Get a relevant one from a store that has many of them you can choose from.

* Casting or Imprint Kits These items are one of the best keepsakes. Capture those cute little fingers and toes, which can be cherished for lifetime. There are desktop photo frames and imprint kits, wall photo frame and imprint kits etc.

* Gift Sets You could gift items or sets such as bowl, plate and cutlery sets or baby brush and comb sets or photo frame and photo album set and so on.

* Gift Certificate Holders They offer a special way to keep the baby’s birth certificate. Get a beautiful one and try getting a custom engraving if possible.

* Keepsake Boxes From the moment of the child’s birth, there will be so many things worth keeping such as the first curl, first tooth, hand and foot prints clay, even first shoes and so on. Keepsake boxes make a functional and great gift item.

* Clothes For a newborn, it is often advised to avoid gifting clothes as the child will outgrow them very soon. However, if you want to dress the little one, go for a larger sizes and soft fabric clothes that will give comfort to the baby.

Apart from these mentioned ideas, you can also think of items like diapers, blankets, burp clothes etc. However, while buying baby presents keepsakes and gifts, avoid items with no functional aspects or ones that could risk the child’s safety.

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