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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Pure Drinking Water}

Pure Drinking Water


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The first step in getting pure drinking water supplied to your home is to have your water tested. Your county Health Department can help you find out where to get this done, and the fee is usually small. When you have the results, make sure you understand all the findings, if not, call the lab or water department in your city and ask for clarification. You have a right to know what is in the water coming to your home, and with federal guidelines and “acceptable” levels, it is more important than ever. When you know what is in the water, you will be better able to make a decision in how to remove it. There are a wide variety of water treatment systems on the market capable of removing everything from arsenic to prescription medication present in some water supplies. Whether city water or private well, no one is immune to contaminates in the water. Each have their own most common types of impurities, and there are specialty systems designed to handle them all.

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Decide what type of filtration you need first. If the water is reasonably clean, you may only need a faucet or under sink mounted filtration unit. For severe cases, a whole house system may be to your benefit. Specific problems, such as medication and E.Coli will need specialty systems just for them. With severe bacterial contamination, the use of ultra violet to kill the bacteria before filtration has shown to be quite effective. For microscopic impurities, a reverse osmosis system may be needed. Learn the various methods of providing pure drinking water before making your decision.

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Pure Drinking Water