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Different Types Of Food Chiller Systems And Their Features

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Different Types of Food Chiller Systems and Their Features


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You may have heard, many a times, about the different kinds of food chiller machines available out there. But, what does it actually implies when one talks about food cooled chillers? In general, food chillers used in several industries are the ones that provide a cooling effect that normally gets rid of the heat from element of water to another source, for instance, air. Basically, the food chiller systems offer a compressor type system that is somewhat similar to that of an air conditioning system.

There are various components that make up a water-cooled chiller machine. These usually include circulating pumps, tank and temperature controllers. The process of working of the food chillers or water chillers is very simple. It begins by accumulating the fluids in the tank of the water chiller. Water or any mixture is normally dropped inside. Slowly, the water-cooled chiller will subsequently move on to generate a flow that is quite useful and more fluid in the machine.

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There are different types of water chillers. The first is the most popular chiller that is the portable chiller. The portable type of water chillers are mostly fabricated in such a manner that these come with the containers on the base. This facilitates the transferring of chillers from one location to another. The good thing about portable water chillers is that it lets you cool down other things and devices that are required for the business.

Another type of food chiller is the air-cooled chiller. This is the machine that works by means of water and is moved into the surrounding air. As against the water-cooled chiller systems, the air-cooled chillers demand very less maintenance for the reason that it makes use of air and does not require any refill. Such type of chillers are likely to consume more power in comparison to the water cooled chiller devices because these have a dry surface. That s why, heat from the dry substance will have need of more power to drive it to the several areas.

Water chiller systems are the third type of chillers that are popular in the market. As the name indicates, the

water cooled chillers

make use of the water as the source and move to a body of water or a cooling tower to deliver the source of heat to. These types of systems are more useful in the industries that need to have access to machines and other equipments that occupy larger space. Different industries make use of these different types of food chillers depending on their needs and resources.

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